January 11, 2007

Managers fail to find useful information

by Brian Turner


A study by Accenture has found that company managers waste at least an hour every workday on useless information.

The study, which interviewed 1000 managers across the US and UK, found managers spend around 2 hours each day trying to find information – but at least half of what they find is “useless”.

Failures in communications include seeking information within the company, as well as searching for information outside of the company.

The study highlights the need for businesses of all sizes to have a good communications strategy in place.

This is especially as wrong information was frequently integrated into company practice, which could impact company efficiency, performance, and sales.

While some companies have naturally learned the need for effective communications managment, a key point is that managers have a responsibility to seek to manage information properly where found to be defective.

Overall, while companies may seek to delegate tasks and organisiational procedures according to known concerns, the effective management of information in an information-based world is fast becoming and overwhelming priority.

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