July 9, 2007

Boeing Dreamliner 787 goes on show

by Brian Turner

Boeing Dreamliner

Boeing yesterday put their new Dreamliner 787 aircraft on show with a public display in Everett, near Seattle.

Boeing say they already have 677 orders from 47 customers, and the plane is due to go into service next year.

The new Boeing 787 comes as the American company goes head to head with Airbus and their new A380, with both companies staking their future on differing strategies.

On the one hand, Airbus sees a growing market for larger planes which can carry more passengers from existing main airports.

However, Boeing sees the future in the provision of medium-sized planes which can work with a larger number of passenger routes, but offer a faster and more environmentally friendly ride.

Specifics of the 787 design include being constructed from 50% carbon fibre, allowing the plane to be lighter and therefore consume less fuel.

While the Boeing 787 is not due to go into service until 2008, the Airbus 380 is scheduled to go into service later this year. However, Airbus has already suffered a number of problems in production which have already seen delays to date.

In the meantime, passengers and airlines will no doubt be looking closely, to see whether the two different planes end up as direct competitors, or end up claiming significant shares in their respective target markets.

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