June 10, 2010

iPhone 4 display exaggeration?

by Darren Allan

This week was, of course, the launch of the iPhone 4, which will be on sale in the UK on June 24th via all the major operators.

The latest turkey to be talked is about the new iPhone’s enhanced display. If you watched Steve Jobs doing his spiel at WWDC on Monday, you may recall his enthusiasm about the new higher resolution screen.

In fact, Jobs called it a “retina display”, as it’s picture perfect at a distance of around 12 inches, because the human eye cannot detect the individual pixels.

However, a technical bod at DisplayMate Technologies has emailed PC World, and called the Apple CEO’s retina claims an example of “spec exaggeration”.

Dr. Raymond Soneira told PC World that while the smartphone’s display is certainly high resolution, and probably the best on the market, by his calculations it needs to be a distance of 18 inches from the eye before individual pixels are no longer visible.

Therefore Apple’s claim was a marketing exaggeration which is typical in today’s technology world.

It’s a somewhat picky point, and most people rushing out to buy an iPhone 4 two weeks today are unlikely to be deterred by the news.

We can’t imagine living rooms across the nation being filled with this sort of conversation:

“I can make out a pixel from, wait a minute… the tape measure says fifteen inches, Martha.”

“Well take it back to the shop, Bernard, and get your money refunded.”

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