April 16, 2010

Future iPad will include camera?

by Darren Allan

Speculation about the iPad continues, even after the launch of Apple’s much hyped tablet device. The latest snippet of “iGossip” is that the next version of the touchscreen wonder will have a camera built in. When it was first unveiled, many felt the camera was the most glaring omission from the iPad, along with other […]

April 15, 2010

BitDefender warns about iPhone unlocking malware

by Darren Allan

Those of you with an iPhone who might be considering unlocking it to run third-party applications should take heed of a new malware warning. BitDefender has issued an advisory about a scam email which offers a link to a new version of an iPhone jailbreaking program. Users are told to connect their iPhone to their […]

April 9, 2010

Apple iPhone OS 4 features confirmed

by Darren Allan

At a press event yesterday, Apple announced what features its iPhone OS 4 would encompass, bringing an end to the rumours which have been flying around for a while now. The biggest rumour was that OS 4 would bring multi-tasking to the table, and indeed this proved correct. So soon you’ll be able to run […]

April 5, 2010

Apple blocks iPhone radiation monitoring app

by Darren Allan

Apple has turned down an app which claims to work out your radiation level exposure when on the iPhone. The Tawkon app is designed to tell the user when radiation levels are potentially too high for comfort, and then provide advice on how to reduce those levels. Tawkon concocts a real-time estimation of the radiation […]

March 10, 2010

Apple iPad UK release slips

by Darren Allan

It seems Apple’s mighty tablet won’t be hitting British shores quite as soon as we first thought. In fact, the “magical and revolutionary” device (in the words of Steve Jobs) won’t be out here until late April. Previously it was thought the wi-fi version would come out before then, in late March or early April. […]

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