October 25, 2004

DDI hosting: again

by brian_turner

I reported before on the issue of DDI hosting, and used it as an illustration of miscommunication in action within a business enviroment.

The situation does not seem to have become any clearer, with multiple providers becoming caught up in the mess that was created. The topic is discussed in more detail on this thread at WebhostingTalk: DDI: where’s pegasus?

It seems that Larry Stevens has now sold his interests in DDI Hosting to other providers, and bdsnyder provides an excellent summary of what is reported to have happened in this thread here: My “now deleted” DDI thread is IN THE NEWS !

Steve Empie, of Surfspeedy, is also quoted in the thread, making a point I should have iterated before that Surf Speedy do not actually own or operate DDI Hosting.

Steve Empie made this public statement:

I attempted to purchase a portion of Digital Dreams Corporation but the contract was breached. I never signed on to the incorporating of a new company either.

As a show of good faith I allowed Larry to use one of our spare merchant accounts (bad idea btw) and I will assure anyone who is looking for a refund that they will get one if their credit card statement shows Frontier Networks.

I would like to reiterate. I have not been in control or running the company. Larry has been making all of the decisions and acting (or lack of) on his own behalf.

I tried to help him out as he had a “Good Story” of how he was in a bind due to events out of his control. Larry had a great reputation on WHT so it looked like it would be a good investmentc

Now since I have exposure to this I have worked with GNAX to make sure that the servers do not go offline. Please read their TOS to learn more about the process.

My team will be addressing the Frontier Networks refunds and make sure that all cancellations are processed. The bottom line is CPC will be handling everything past this once all the dust settles.

Please donft ask for anymore information than that as there are many legal issues that are going to be addressed in a court of law.

It also appears that James of CPCHosting.net is trying to salvage the remaining DDI clients and ensure their websites remain online, after allegedly being owed a significant amount of body by the prior owners.

All in all, the entire issue looks like an appalling example of poor client communication by the previous owners. I simply hope that existing DDI Hosting clients will enjoy better communication from now on, and best of luck to all concerned.

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