December 15, 2004

Blog metrics: by Intelliseek

by brian_turner

In a press release, Intelliseek listed key metrics for their analysis of the blogosphere, using their Blogpulse blog search engine – which claims to search over 2 million online blogs.

According to their analysis, the most popular sources and references were:

    Top people/personalities

    President George Bush (637,646 citations);
    Sen. John Kerry (411,977);
    Harry Potter (333,418);
    Britney Spears (119,661)
    Michael Moore (111,876)

    Top News Sources:

    Yahoo! News (205,093 citations)
    The New York Times (188,596)
    BBC (161,805)
    CNN (144,560)
    The Washington Post (113,417)

    Top Blogs:

    BoingBoing: A Directory of Wonderful Things (23,836 citations);
    DailyKos political blog (21,530);
    Instapundit political blog (21,391),
    The Drudge Report news/political blog (19,220);
    Slashdot: News for Nerds, Stuff That Matters (18,901).

    Top Web Sites: (571,569 citations) (440,364) (286,362) (255,152) (217,443)

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