June 14, 2005

Seagate announces miniature harddrives

by brian_turner


Seagate has announced a new range of hard drives, small in size but high in storage capacity, for people who want a “terabyte lifestyle”. The range includes the first 2.5-inch 160GB hard drive which uses ‘perpendicular recording’ to fit much more data for every square inch.

The company is also producing specially “ruggedised” 20GB and 40GB hard drives for cars, which will withstand vibrations and temperatures from minus 30 to plus 80 degrees centigrade.

Rob Pait, Seagate’s director of consumer electronics marketing, told the BBC News website, “The demand for hard drives in cars is one of the key areas which will continue to grow quickly”. He expected this to be fuelled by the increasing popularity and falling prices of in-car entertainment systems.

Seagate also revealed the largest ever digital video recorder hard drive at 500GB. This will enable more high-definition (HD) content storage. It will accommodate approximately 80 hours of HD video and allow people to archive significantly more standard definition programmes.

Seagate’s one-inch hard drives, for portable media devices including digital music players, have increased to 8GB.

Mr Pait said that in five years PCs will include five terabytes of storage. One terabyte is the equivalent of 1,024GB. This will be made possible through perpendicular recording methods. Hard drives are currently manufactured using longitudinal recording, which is reaching its physical limit.

Longitudinal recording arranges bits of data horizontally on the recording magnetic medium. Perpendicular recording methods arrange bits vertically so more can fit on. It allows higher recording densities without magnetic interference, which can corrupt data.

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