September 30, 2005

vBulletin 3.5 release

by Brian Turner

vBulletin 3.5 release promises new era for BBS

The release of vBulletin 3.5.0 promises a new era of functionality for forum admins running vBulletin.

Previously, across BBS platforms, when adding new modifications to a forum, you would have to modify the source code itself. While modding groups could automate this process to some degree, it always meant that a security upgrade of the original forum software would mean a complete re-install of all of the board modifications.

vBulletin have finally introduced a plugin system, where the vbulletin source code remains untouched. Because of this, board modifications only need to be installed once via the plugin system, not matter how many times vbulletin itself is upgraded.

This will make board modifications to become far more accessible to many webmasters, and can only lead to an explosion in their development.

A particularly exciting board modification released is vbSEO by Crawlability Inc, and is a complete SEO package for vBulletin. It provides the most comprehensive mod_rewrite solution available for vbulletin, as well as helping with basic on-page SEO issues. Additionally, it gets rid of some appalling duplicate page issues vBulletin still suffers from.

The extensive vbulletin coding community at is already at work providing a range of modifications for vbulletin 3.5 that webmasters can use to customise their own vbulletin forums as like never before.

What will be great now that vB 3.5 is released is that it opens the doors to far greater individualisation of forums. We can only expect this is going to be good for webmasters, good for forum members, and good for the diversity of the internet overall.

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