September 30, 2006

How to promote your blog for traffic

by Brian Turner

Whether used for Public Relations and customer communication, or for marketing your business and website online, blogs can be a useful business and marketing tool.

However, it’s easy to become overwhelmed when faced with promoting your blog.

Here’s a simple guide to other articles which go into detail on different aspects of using your blog for promotional purposes:


Marketing your blog means trying to get to grips not simply with the social aspect of the net, but also the technicalities of using the features of your blog to best advantage.

These articles deal with one or both of these issues on trying to raise and develop a higher profile for your blog online:


Sometimes the best forms of marketing are nothing more than making it a simpler and easier user experience when it comes to your blog.

Key areas here are making it easier for readers to find subscription feeds, and also adding social book marketing tags to help more readers find you:

Promotion advice:

Sometimes reading a single article isn’t enough – you need a more constant stream of good information about blogging and how to improve it as a user experience, both for yourself and your readers.

These are some of the better high profile sites where there’s a real focus on blog development for raising your profile online:

Quick Tips:

Sometimes the best advice can be delivered simply and easily. These articles underline that for you in quick infobytes:


Of course, if you’re looking at your blog as a marketing tool, it helps to track how people are actually using your blog, and where they came from, how they found it, what they read most, etc.

Here’s a few articles that focus on precisely this issue:

Ping services:

One of the most powerful features of the blog is the ping – the ability for a blog to notify other blogs and services when it’s been updated, and what it’s been updated with.

These links are to ping services you can add to in your blog.

Note 1: There will be quite some overlap between these lists
Note 2: Try and add too many ping services to your blog, and you could find it takes an age to make a post.


Directories have their strenghts and weaknesses as an online marketing tool, and one of their key strengths is having an active userbase in your niche.

These are lists of blog directories compiled by other people.

Note 1: Again, there will be some overlap in the lists
Note 2: Not all of the blog directories will link directly to your blog.

EXTRA: Manual submission can often be a pain – here are two products that offer some and differeing degree of autosubmission of your blog to online blog directories:

Blog development:

One of the strongest ways you can market your blog is to ensure that you develop it properly in the first place.

It’s not simply the user experience for yourself and readers that is important – it’s empowering your potential in both areas that really has to count if you’re prepared to put a little extra effort in:

Note – Thanks to Todd for a great starter list.

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