August 26, 2008

Indian Spammers blame Brits

by Brian Turner

In one of the most contentious posts I’ve ever read, someone actually argues that Indian SEO spam should be blamed on British companies:

as an SEO we need to depend mainly on US, UK, and Australian markets.

The equation is simple – these things exist because there is a need in the market, and you have your share of responsibility in that.

Bollocks – the inability to show professionalism when aiming to serve these markets is what makes “Indian” = “spammer” among UK business.

There are more than enough SEO companies in the UK to serve UK interests – and plenty of SEO cowboys in there as well.

But as the point has already been made here, business services need to be purchased on quality, not price.

Where people look to buy “cheap SEO” what they are really saying is that they see limited value in SEO and search marketing in general.

The trouble is you get what you pay for, and if that means you’re looking for “cheap”, at best many “Indian SEO” companies will deliver little if any value, but some may even get you kicked out from Google.

I can even write “Indian SEO” without quotes – the fact is that most supposed SEO companies in Indian have no real understanding of SEO, and deserve to be relegated to the realm of cowboy trader.

Ironically, not all “Indian SEO” is cheap either.

I’ve seen “Indian SEO” services where they look to charge:

- $15 for a signature link in a single forum spam post – available in volume
- $3,000 for 20 link exchanges

Simply put, I have never seen a quality SEO service from India at work in the UK markets.

Meanwhile, the suggestion that rampant inability to show understanding and professionalism should be blamed on the market, rather than the opportunists seeking to exploit that market is absolutely unfounded.

Meanwhile, I’m about to clear email spam from my inbox from Indian “SEO”‘s, plus crap “Indian SEO’s” spam on my forums.

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6 Responses to “Indian Spammers blame Brits”

  1. SEO ibiza on August 30th, 2008 11:23 am

    Hi Brian. interesting post and would have to agree that the vast majority have no real clue, however as with everything I think there are exceptions to the rule/s.

    there are a couple of half decent looking Indian sites in the top 20 for “seo services” above some quality and well known industry names, so I’d have to conclude they have a reasonable grasp.

    as for supply and demand, well, in a way it’s true isnt it? after all people love to blame dealers of illicit substances for the trade in general, but without the eager customers, there would be no business.

    we get this a fair bit, mainly with new customers in particular who’ve seen ads for “cheap” SEO and the prices and its as you say, all the time people don’t value SEO as a crucial part of their business there will be people ready to make a quick buck from them, in this country, or in others where their need for a few dollars to feed their families is probably much greater than ours.

    kev @ SEO Ibiza

  2. SEO guy on September 8th, 2008 6:42 pm

    ” as an SEO we need to depend mainly on US, UK, and Australian markets.

    The equation is simple – these things exist because there is a need in the market, and you have your share of responsibility in that. ”

    I doubt if that was their statement… heck, they don’t even speak proper English.

  3. Suman on September 10th, 2008 1:22 pm

    But where did you get the word – “British Companies”?
    I could not find it anywhere in the content!!! :(

  4. Matt Inertia on October 8th, 2008 4:25 pm

    Theres crap SEO everywhere thats the long and the short of it.

    Now what really pisses me off is indian link builders who leave crap replies on forums; which makes me waste 5 minutes coming back to a thread only to read “wow, what a great post, i love you” or some crap like that!!!! If you dont have anything to contribute…. dont!!!

  5. Mohit Anand on November 6th, 2008 7:34 pm

    What crap article this guy Brian Turner has written, we Indians drive the internet world, whether by being a part of onshore units or offshore units. Considering our SEO expertise as crap just proves you know very little of the world internet scenario oe don’t have the balls to accept the fact. Probably, your situation should be compared to an ugly frog who keeps looking at his own mirror everytime thinking he’s prince charming, all the while others know what actually he is.

  6. Brian Turner on November 6th, 2008 7:53 pm

    “we Indians drive the internet world”

    Drive us bloody crazy with your email spam, search engine spam, forum spam, blog comment spam.

    Sure, maybe not all Indian SEO companies are spammers, but there’s a massive perception that most are pretty thick, opportunistic, and no real proficiency in SEO.

    Many Indian “SEO companies” pitch to UK companies, but I’ve never seen any competitive UK market sectors led by Indian SEO developments. It’s just pitched as cheap, and buyers “get what you pay for”.

    Anyone who doesn’t like the Indian=spam association should get to educating Indians about professional business standards, because so far they are sorely lacking in approaches to UK markets.

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