March 9, 2010

Resurgent virus targets job seekers

by Darren Allan

Security specialist BitDefender is warning that the Win32.Worm.Mabezat.J (don’t you just love those names) is back, and doing the rounds with an increased activity count.

The end of February witnessed a surge of spam mail carrying the payload, which comes in the form of a harmless seeming attachment called winmail.dat (a file which is supposed to contain Exchange server RTF information, but in this case carries the malware executable).

The virus laden spam bears job related subject headings, such as “New Job”, or “We are hiring you”, in an effort to get those desperate for work to fall into the trap.

The worm can then harvest email addresses from the host computer, and begin mass mailing itself, according to BitDefender.

As ever, don’t open an attachment unless you’re 100% sure of what it is, and who it’s from. And even then, put on a pair of Marigolds first.

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