March 30, 2010

Alterian WebJourney provides new perspective on site analysis

by Darren Allan

Marketing management firm Alterian has announced a new breed of web analytics, which focuses not just on the website, but the individual browser’s reaction to it.

WebJourney is constructed not only to count the number of visits to each page on the site, but also to analyse what the user did on those pages.

The service, which has just finished beta-testing and is now available, builds a profile that shows the areas of the page a visitor was looking at for long periods of time, i.e. those parts which really captured their interest.

Or conversely, it shows whether they pressed the back button immediately after seeing a page, if what they found immediately disinterested or annoyed them.

WebJourney can observe such details as whether someone copied and pasted from the page, or if a visitor hovered the mouse over a link for a long time (if they weren’t too sure about clicking it).

It can glean information on positional aspects, such as if a user scrolled down to read to the bottom of a page. This could be useful in adjusting the placing of important icons, videos or suchlike.

WebJourney can also be used to target, for example, email newsletters to site subscribers, tailoring the content of the mail to their specific interests as determined by the service.

In fact, about the only thing WebJourney doesn’t do is tell you whether the site visitor was sipping tea, coffee or orange juice as they browsed your page.

John Lovett, Principal Consultant at industry analysts Web Analytics Demystified, commented: “Alterian WebJourney is successfully differentiating itself from traditional web analytics solutions.”

“By offering detailed behavioural tracking of individual visitors, and customizable ‘experts’ that turn behavioural data into meaningful insights which are actionable at an individual level, WebJourney overcomes many of the roadblocks associated with traditional analysis and optimization.”

“Additionally, the integration of this web behaviour data into Alterian’s marketing platform opens up the possibility for marketers to not only improve their segmentation and reporting, but also to expedite decisions and automate actions across a range of channels including direct mail, the web, email and social media.”

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