April 2, 2010

Joan Collins says Twitter is boring

by Darren Allan

It has emerged that septuagenarian actress Joan Collins believes that Twitter is boring and banal.

Ahem – and Dynasty wasn’t?

She wrote about the micro-blogging site in her diary published in the Spectator magazine.

Apparently she describes the recent Oscars party in which the folk she was sat with were all too busy Twittering away on their phones, rather than actually talking to each other.

Which is a fair point, to be honest. We’ve never understood people who can’t put their phones away in social situations.

“I used to think that twittering was just for the birds but now there seems to be an epidemic of people peck, peck, pecking away at their iPhones, BlackBerries, strawberries or whatevers. It is the most banal and boring pastime ever invented,” she commented, according to The Telegraph.

Other celebs who dislike Twitter include Zac Efron, who reportedly said he doesn’t have an account because: “I kind of value in people not knowing where I am or what I’m doing.”

Coincidentally, we kind of value that too, Zac.

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