April 7, 2010

UK broadband speed average stalls in March

by Darren Allan

The Broadband.co.uk website has been keeping an eye on the average UK broadband connection speed for a while now.

By collecting data from speed tests performed at the site, an average for each ISP can be worked out, as well as for the whole country.

Despite a positive trend over the past few months, March has seen a slight dip in the average speed, down to 4.527Mbps.

That’s 0.132Mbps less than in February, which isn’t a huge amount, but it’s down nonetheless.

The site editor, Edd Dawson, commented: “It’s clear that despite the flurry of publicity about BT’s new Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC) network starting to roll out at the start of the year the number of households actually taking advantage is negligible at this point.”

If only we had the chance to take advantage of it, we would, but sadly in remote areas of the country, we’re going to be a long time waiting, by all accounts.

So who is the fastest ISP in the west according to Broadband.co.uk’s statistics?

That would be Virgin Media, which tips over the magic 8Mbps mark, although only just at 8.192Mbps.

O2 and Be are second place, but a long way behind on an average of 5.355Mbps. Although O2/Be does have a faster average upload speed than Virgin, however, with a nippy 703Kbps compared to 550Kbps.

Sky is in third place, on 3.829Mbps. AOL comes bottom of the table, managing an average of just 2.372Mbps across the country.

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