April 9, 2010

Apple iPhone OS 4 features confirmed

by Darren Allan

At a press event yesterday, Apple announced what features its iPhone OS 4 would encompass, bringing an end to the rumours which have been flying around for a while now.

The biggest rumour was that OS 4 would bring multi-tasking to the table, and indeed this proved correct.

So soon you’ll be able to run multiple applications simultaneously on your iPhone or iPod Touch when the operating system is released this summer. It will be coming a bit later for the iPad, but still well before the end of the year.

The downside is that older iPhones prior to the 3GS won’t be able to benefit from the new multi-tasking technology.

Tweaks will be made to the operating system’s interface, including the ability to choose your own wallpaper, and place folders on the home screen.

The fourth version of the OS will also feature better organisation of email, with one central inbox.

iBooks will also be brought onto the iPhone, and another of the big rumours is happening – iAds.

iAds is an advertising platform which is more designed to appeal to developers, enabling them to have interactive adverts within applications, to “emotionally” engage the app user.

Developers will apparently be given a large cut of the revenues stemming from this, to the tune of 60%.

The average iPhone user, however, is probably not going to be overly enamoured with the prospect of more advertising on their handset. Although on the other hand, it may encourage more free apps.

A new model of the iPhone is also expected later this year, along with OS 4.

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