April 23, 2010

Facebook to infiltrate the web

by Jan Harris

Social networking site Facebook announced plans to embed itself across the web, at its annual F8 developer conference in San Francisco.

The company plans to install buttons with the word ‘like’ and a thumbs up icon, on sites across the web, so that users can recommend the content to a friend.

Clicking on the button will post the item on the users’ Facebook news feed.

Facebook believes that this will make browsing the web a more social, personalised experience.

There will also be Facebook toolbars that other Web sites can add to their pages.

When a Facebook user is on a site with one of the new toolbars, they will be able to chat with friends currently logged on to Facebook without having to leave the site they are viewing.

The changes could mean that Facebook profiles could show up on other sites, so users should check their privacy settings on the Facebook site to make sure they are not set to ‘everyone’, as everyone could now mean the whole of the world wide web, rather than just Facebook members.

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