May 13, 2010

Fibrecity announces next-gen broadband plans

by Darren Allan

Fibrecity Holdings, a division of the i3 Group, has announced the areas of the UK in which it’s planning to lay next-gen fibre connections direct to homes and businesses.

The expansion plans will see over a million homes and businesses hooked up to 100Mbps fibre (with boosts to 1Gbps possible) over the next four years.

Within the next year, construction will begin on Fibrecity networks in Derby, Halton, Nottingham, Plymouth and York.

Further cities being considered for development include Birmingham, Belfast, Aberdeen, Ipswich and Bristol.

Networks are already underway in Bournemouth and Dundee, with 35,000 homes signed up to the scheme in the former.

Elfed Thomas, CEO of the i3 Group, said: “Today marks another significant step forward in our quest to bring open next generation internet connectivity to homes across the UK. We have developed a unique model that offers consumers more choice than has ever been available before in two ways.”

“Firstly, Fibrecity Holdings is building the only large scale fibre to the home network in the UK that includes existing properties and not just new builds. Secondly, Opencity Media has developed a platform for multiple service providers to offer their services to homes connected to the Fibrecity network.”

Thomas points out that fibre-to-the-cabinet solutions, such as those being rolled out by BT, might improve speeds, but they are more of a short term measure.

“Only a true fibre-to-the-home connection will ensure we have a solution that will see us through several decades rather than being outdated in a few years,” he concluded.

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