December 9, 2010

WikiLeaks spam carries malware

by Jan Harris

Security firm Symantec has warned that an email attachment named ‘WikiLeaks’ harbours a virus that can steal passwords and other data.

The virus, which is carried in a PDF attachment, is targeted at a government body according to a blog post by Symantec operations engineer Tony Millington.

The email reads “the release of thousands of confidential US cables by Wikileaks reveals” and then invites the recipient to click on the attachment to find out more.

However this allows a malicious file to embed itself into Internet Explorer and send encrypted data over port 80.

Symantec recommends that users install the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader to protect their machine.

Another WikiLeaks-related attack has also been detected by Symantec, which can download a worm onto a compromised computer.

An e-mail, which looks like it comes from, and which has “IRAN Nuclear BOMB!” in the subject line, contains a link that takes the recipient to a compromised site, where the worm is downloaded.

The infected link says “OBAMA is and IMPOSTOR!”

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