May 26, 2011

Spammers find new way to evade spam filters

by Jan Harris

Security specialist Symantec has identified a new technique which spammers are using to escape detection by anti-spam products.

The company has identified a large domain parking service being used spammers.

Domain parking services allow companies or individuals to register an Internet domain name without using it for services.

This allows them to use the domain in the future and stops the name being abused by so-called cybersquatters, who register names containing a trademark with the intention of selling them on to the trademark owners for a profit.

As many of these domains have been registered for years, they will be considered to have a good reputation and will not be on the IP address blacklists used by reputation-based anti-spam products to identify bogus emails.

Separately, Symantec reported a continuing fall in spam levels since the Rustock botnet was closed down in March.

According to its latest state of spam and phishing report, spam levels fell 27.4% in March and by a further 5.4% in April, to account for
74.8% of all email messages, compared with 89.2% in April 2010.

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