September 20, 2011

Samsung seeks iPhone 5 ban before handset is even released

by Darren Allan

The latest development in the legal war between Apple and Samsung is that the latter company has taken matters even further than before.

Previously, there have been suits filed across the world by both firms against the other alleging patent infringements over both smartphones and tablets.

Samsung’s latest move last week was to file a lawsuit based on three patent infringements in France, whereas Apple hit back with litigation in the UK.

Now Samsung is upping things a gear by preparing infringement litigation against the iPhone 5 (or whatever the next-gen Apple smartphone will be called – possibly the 4S) before its even released.

This is according to sources who spoke to the Korea Times. They claim that in its home country of South Korea, Samsung is already preparing the suit for unleashing as soon as the Apple handset is launched.

Samsung says it can be sure the lawsuit will be relevant against the Cupertino company’s next smartphone, as the device is bound to use the wireless technology that Samsung claims infringement upon.

Samsung is no doubt upping its strategy a gear because of Apple’s recent European legal successes in securing a ban on the Galaxy smartphone in the Netherlands, then blocking the Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet in Germany.

However, this is all getting a little silly. It would be nice to think we can get back to the business of designing new and better phones, rather than squabbling about technology which is, ultimately, involved in all smartphones.

Unfortunately, with the likes of Google gobbling up patent war chests – part of its reasoning for acquiring Motorola being the company’s patent armoury – it doesn’t seem as if the current spree of litigation will be going away any time soon.

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