October 5, 2011

Google Earth reaches 1 billion downloads

by Kerry Butters

Google announced today that Google Earth has now been downloaded a huge one billion times since its launch in 2005.

This includes downloads of the desktop client, mobile apps and the browser plugin, which enable users to “explore the world in seconds, from Earth to Mars to the ocean floor.”

The search giants say that not only are they proud of the milestone, but they also constantly amazed by how people use the software.

On their website www.OneWorldManyStories.com, Google say they have collected all kinds of stories about how people explore the earth and how they use the information they collect.

Such as a university professor from Australia, who used the software to scan areas in Saudi Arabia and Jordon, leading him to discover ancient tombs and glyphs dating back over 2000 years.

Or Roz Savage, a British ocean rower who uses Google Fusion tables to map out her adventures.

A retired English teacher even used the software to match books to their locations, giving kids a more interactive experience with the books they read in school.

Google Earth can be used for relocating to different parts of the world, even if you have never seen them before, they can be explored from the comfort of your armchair with no flight costs incurred.

This goes some way to showing how the software is used, not only by individuals, but also for virtual projects in rebuilding after a natural disaster.

Google encourage users to share their Google Earth stories with them and should you have one you want the world to know about, you can tell them here.

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