October 4, 2011

iPhone app allegedly improves eyesight

by Darren Allan

Like us, you may have to stare at a computer monitor for a full working day, week in, week out, which probably doesn’t do your eyes much good. We know our glasses prescription has got stronger a few times over the last decade. It can certainly help to keep your eyes well rested in terms […]

September 29, 2011

Skobbler premium navigation app now free on iTunes

by Darren Allan

Skobbler has announced that the premium version of its sat-nav app is now free to download from the Apple App Store, but only for a limited period of time. So best get over there and grab it, should you wish. Skobbler Lite, the previously free version, is to be discontinued, so those using that app […]

June 18, 2010

Rim prepares roll-out of BlackBerry App World 2.0

by Darren Allan

Rim is planning a new version of the BlackBerry app store with overhauled payment options. App World 2.0 will allow BlackBerry users to pay for apps by having the cost added to their carrier’s bill, or by using a credit card, as well as the current Paypal scheme of things. The store’s interface is also […]

June 16, 2010

Vuvuzela iPhone app most annoying ever?

by Darren Allan

If you’ve been watching the World Cup, then you can’t fail to have noticed the vuvuzelas. Or heard them, rather. These are the plastic horns the Africans, and other fans, can’t get enough of blowing, all the way through every match. The effect is such that to us viewers, it sounds like the spectators watching […]

May 21, 2010

iPhone app lets you peer into London’s past

by Darren Allan

Sightseers enjoying the famous streets and attractions of London will be able to take a glimpse into the city’s distant past using a new iPhone app. The Streetmuseum app, which is available for free to iPhone 3G and 3GS owners, will offer a range of snaps from the 20th Century, all the way back to […]

May 14, 2010

Skobbler sat-nav iPhone app launches in the UK

by Darren Allan

The oddly named Skobbler navigation app for the iPhone launches today in the UK. Already a big selling app in Germany, where it has some 150,000 users, Skobbler may prove just the thing for those who are jealous of Android phone owners and their Google Maps Navigation. The app is different from the norm in […]

April 7, 2010

HulloMail voicemail app now on BlackBerry Curve

by Darren Allan

The HulloMail voicemail app has landed on the BlackBerry Curve range of smartphones. HulloMail allows the user to have voicemails pushed as audio files directly to their phone, and you can reply to a voicemail with another recorded voicemail, without having to ring up the recipient. Andy Munarriz, CEO of HulloMail, commented: “Having listened to […]

April 5, 2010

Apple blocks iPhone radiation monitoring app

by Darren Allan

Apple has turned down an app which claims to work out your radiation level exposure when on the iPhone. The Tawkon app is designed to tell the user when radiation levels are potentially too high for comfort, and then provide advice on how to reduce those levels. Tawkon concocts a real-time estimation of the radiation […]

Digg it on Android

by Darren Allan

Digg recently became available on the iPhone, and spreading its wings further in the world of mobiles, it’s now nested on the Android operating system. Digg is a social news and content sharing site, where the users decide what is popular by voting for or “digging” it. The Digg Android app allows you to browse […]

March 17, 2010

Facebook takes action against stalker apps

by Darren Allan

If you’re on Facebook, you may well have encountered applications which claim to be able to tell you who has viewed your profile. The idea being that you can see if anyone is regularly snooping around your page, hence the name “stalker app”. However, Facebook has come forward with a statement saying that these apps […]