September 29, 2011

Facebook changes offer opportunity for brands

by Kerry Butters

A social media, SEO and online PR agency have said that the new-look Facebook opens up more opportunities for brands to engage with consumers than ever before. Punch Communications says that “engagement figures are now a greater indication of performance”, due to certain functions such as the like button becoming devalued. It is no longer […]

September 23, 2011

Washington Post introduces Facebook app

by Kerry Butters

US newspaper, the Washington Post has introduced a free Facebook app that allows users to access the publication’s news and share stories they read with friends. WP Social Reader “makes it simple for friends to connect over news like never before”. The idea is that when you read a story, it will be instantly shared […]

September 16, 2011

Calendarised launches on Facebook and iOS

by Darren Allan

Gummy Media has announced the launch of its Calendarised service on Facebook, as well as an iPhone app. Calendarised allows the user to share their calendar with Facebook friends in order to make organising events easier. If you’re on Facebook, you can sign up for a free online calendar, and you can download the iOS […]

September 13, 2011

Facebook by far most popular social media site

by Kerry Butters

A new report from Neilson on social media has found that over a quarter of all time spent online in the US is spent on social networking sites. It comes as no surprise that the report also showed Facebook to be by far the most popular, with Americans spending more time on the social network […]

September 9, 2011

Twitter in no hurry to prepare for IPO

by Kerry Butters

Whilst is seems that Facebook are beefing up their board in order to prepare for an IPO next year, it would appear that Twitter are in no hurry to follow suit. According to a report by Reuters, the social media site want to step up their efforts to generate revenue through advertising. However, the report […]

September 8, 2011

Erskine Bowles joins Facebook board

by Kerry Butters

Facebook have announced that Erskine Bowles has joined its board of directors. Bowles has held a number of positions at the White House and is also on the board Cousins Properties Inc., Norfolk Southern Corp., and Belk Inc., as well as Morgan Stanley, where he began his professional career. “Erskine has held important roles in […]

August 31, 2011

New Facebook scams reported

by Jan Harris

The Cutwail botnet, which first came to light in 2007, is targeting Facebook users with spam messages containing links to malware sites. The messages appear to be genuine Facebook friend invite notifications but unlike the real thing, they do not display Facebook profile photos and recipient’s email address does not appear in small print at […]

August 24, 2011

Facebook improves privacy

by Jan Harris

Facebook is changing its privacy settings to make it easier for users to be sure their personal content stays private. The social networking site has been criticised because it does not always make it clear if others are able to see content. A privacy control option, which was previously hidden behind menus, has now been […]

August 10, 2011

Police arrest rioters for Facebook messages

by Jan Harris

Police are acting swiftly against the use of Facebook to post invitations to riot, during the violent protests that have swept across the UK since Saturday. Two youths in Glasgow have been arrested after posting messages on Facebook on Monday which allegedly incited others to commit acts of disorder. One of the youths is believed […]

July 29, 2011

Facebook moves to Covent Garden

by Jan Harris

Facebook is moving to a new office in Covent Garden as part of an expansion of its UK advertising business, according to a report in the Daily Telegraph. The social network will move its 70-strong team to the new premises next January. MD, EMEA, Joanna Shields, said: “As Facebook’s growth continues, we are delighted to […]

July 14, 2011 beats profit targets

by Jan Harris, the Beeb’s international news site, has become profitable two years ahead of schedule, thanks to its popularity around the world. In a blog post,’s managing director Luke Bradley-Jones said: “Today, has the largest international reach of any UK news website with comScore reporting 50 million users outside of the UK.” While […]

July 1, 2011

Facebook prepares to launch ‘something awesome’

by Jan Harris

According to Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, we can expect an ‘awesome’ new feature to be revealed next week. With the company’s current focus on the mobile market, speculation abounds that this could be a photo sharing product for the iPhone, or maybe the promised new iPad app. Another option, spotted by TechCrunch, is ‘Project Spartan’ […]

June 14, 2011

Is ‘Facebook fatigue’ setting in?

by Jan Harris

New data from Inside Facebook, which monitors the social networking site, shows that 100,000 UK users and six million US users stopped using their accounts in May. Although the site is still continuing to edge towards the 700 million mark, growth is slowing down. The number of active monthly users reached around 687 million by […]

May 26, 2011

Facebook partners with Spotify

by Jan Harris

Facebook is believed to be planning to launch Spotify’s music service on its social networking site. The service could be called either Spotify on Facebook or Facebook Music and could appear on Facebook as soon as next month according to the Forbes site. It will allow Facebook members to stream music from Spotify’s library while […]

May 20, 2011

Google expands Social Search

by Jan Harris

Google has announced the roll-out of its Social Search feature which is currently only available in the US. Social search is going global and will be available in 19 languages, although which ones hasn’t yet been announced. Social Search is Google’s answer to Microsoft’s deal with Facebook to bring social search features to its Bing […]

May 13, 2011

Facebook launches new security features

by Jan Harris

Facebook has increased its efforts to safeguard users with the launch of new security features. The social network is partnering with Finland-based Web of Trust, in order to warn users when they click on a link that could take them to a malicious website. Facebook is adding Web of Trust’s data on over 30 million […]

May 12, 2011

Facebook accused of smear campaign against Google

by Jan Harris

Facebook is believed to have hired a PR firm to spread rumours about Google violating user privacy, according to US news site The Daily Beast. The motivation for the alleged smear campaign seems to be Facebook’s determination to keep ahead of Google in the social networking arena, as the campaign related to Google’s ‘Social Circle’ […]

May 9, 2011

Microsoft linked with Skype talks

by Jan Harris

Microsoft is the latest company to be linked with a possible tie-up with Skype, according to Om Malik of GigOm. Last week it emerged that Google was mulling a joint venture with the VoIP provider, while Facebook is believed to be considering a takeover bid. Skype’s voice, video and sharing capabilities would give Microsoft a […]

April 18, 2011

Sophos criticises Facebook security in open letter

by Jan Harris

Security firm Sophos has published an open letter to Facebook on its Naked Security blog, calling for the social network to improve security. Sophos wants Facebook to implement a three-point plan to offer privacy by default, vetted app developers and https for everything. Introducing these three security features would create a safer environment for Facebook […]

March 21, 2011

Facebook expands with Snaptu deal

by Jan Harris

Facebook is buying Java-based app developer Snaptu, reportedly for between $60 to $70m. The deal will bring Facebook to people in the developing world who don’t have access to fancy smartphones. Snaptu, which is based in London, has already developed a Facebook application for non-smartphones. In a statement Facebook said: “As part of Facebook, Snaptu’s […]

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