October 21, 2011

Google AdWords failing SMEs

by Jan Harris

Less than a fifth of SMEs manage to generate enough online sales through Google AdWords to cover the cost of the service, according to a recent survey of 500 small UK businesses by YouGov. John Cheney, the CEO of Workbooks.com which published the results of the survey, said: “One company found that for every £1 […]

October 5, 2011

Google make more improvements to search ads

by Kerry Butters

Google have revealed that surfers are 50% more likely to click on an ad that uses three lines of Sitelinks. Sitelinks appear under the URL of the main page when a user puts in a search which can take a user directly to the page they are looking for. According to Google, 200,000 advertisers now […]

September 29, 2011

Google Blogger introduces Dynamic Views

by Kerry Butters

A few weeks ago, Google announced a complete overhaul of Blogger, and the next phase of the project has just been rolled out. It’s been a while since any improvements were made to the search giant’s blogging service and so they have now designed a “completely rebuilt, streamlined authoring and editing experience.” The improvements bring […]

September 16, 2011

First Google+ APIs launched for developers

by Kerry Butters

Google have launched the first of their Google+ APIs in order for developers to build apps that “include rich sharing, identity and conversations”. The release is focused on “public data only” and enables devs to get profile information by sending a HTTP request via the “people.get” method. This can also be used to get most […]

Google host Top Contributor summit

by Kerry Butters

Google’s top contributors gathered at the first Global Top Contributor Summit on Tuesday in a two-day event celebrating their efforts. The event was held in and around Google headquarters in Mountain View and was a chance for some of the most prolific contributors to Google forums to meet face-to-face for the first time. Contributors are […]

September 13, 2011

GlobalSign say only one web server affected in breach

by Kerry Butters

GlobalSign announced on Friday that the web server hosting www.globalsign.com was the only one to have been breached. They further stated that this server has always been isolated from the infrastructure and that there is no further evidence at present to suggest the breach had gone beyond this. However, they are continuing to investigate and […]

September 8, 2011

Google reveals best SME websites

by Jan Harris

Google has announced the winners of its ‘Best of British Web’ competition, which aims to encourage SMEs to improve their websites and reap the business benefits small changes can bring. The competition attracted over 700 entries, over seven industry sectors. The winners were: Health & Beauty – Au Naturel Hair & Beauty, a mobile wedding […]

September 6, 2011

Google advise online retailers how to stay in the game

by Kerry Butters

Online sales are on the up, according to Google, who say that they expect the sector to grow even further this quarter. In their retail blog, the search engine company attempt to explain why this might be and what retailers can do to ensure their own sales continue to grow. In today’s world consumers have […]

September 5, 2011

Google to discontinue some products

by Kerry Butters

Google have announced their decision to discontinue some of their products, in order to better focus on existing money-makers and new products such as Google+. Some products will be merged with others, whilst others will simply be shut down, according to the official blog, written by Alan Eustace. 10 products have been named in what […]

August 26, 2011

Google launching Internet TV in UK

by Jan Harris

Google has announced plans to launch an internet TV service in the UK, which will allow viewers to switch between television and the internet on the same set. The service, which is already available in the US, will come to the UK within six months. Google TV is built on Google’s Android operating system and […]

August 25, 2011

Google fined £300m for drug ads

by Jan Harris

Google had been fined £306m by the US Department of Justice over Canadian pharmacies’ drug adverts, which appeared online via Google’s AdWords platform. AdWords inserts ads into search results concerning similar topics. The drugs in question contravened the US Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act and the Controlled Substances Act, and Google was judged to […]

August 22, 2011

Google maps Amazon for Street View

by Jan Harris

Google is adapting its Street View trike to map the Amazon rainforest, in its biggest challenge to date. The Internet giant is partnering with the Foundation for a Sustainable Amazon (FAS) in an effort to raise awareness of the effect of climate change and deforestation on the Amazon region. Google’s trusty trike will be pedalled […]

August 5, 2011

Google to help restore Bletchley Park

by Jan Harris

Google is helping to fund the refurbishment of buildings at Bletchley Park in Milton Keynes, the home of the Colossus computer which successfully broke Nazi code in the Second World War. In order to raise funds, the Internet giant is using tricycles fitted with 360 degree cameras to take ‘Street View’ snaps of the Bletchley […]

July 25, 2011

Google+ deleting personal and business accounts

by Jan Harris

New social network Google+ is now deleting the accounts of people using nicknames rather than their real names. At the moment Google+ users are required to give their real name as their primary name. It is reported to be working with users whose accounts have been deleted, in order to put avatar-based names in the […]

July 21, 2011

Google issues malware warnings

by Jan Harris

While Google has been diversifying into all sorts of areas over the last few years, one market it hasn’t so far ventured into is IT security. The fact that since Tuesday it has been displaying malware warnings at the top of search pages, telling a user that their computer is infected, has therefore raised a […]

20 million register with Google+

by Jan Harris

Google’s new social network, Google+ already has nearly 20 million users, just three weeks after its launch. Just days after launching the service, Google was turning people away because demand was much higher than it expected. It was also deleting business profiles from the network and telling companies to hold off using the consumer version […]

July 19, 2011

Google launches URL shortener for its own products

by Jan Harris

Google has launched the g.co URL shortener, which will link only to its own products and services, giving users the security of knowing that they won’t be directed to any potentially harmful sites. Google already offers the goo.gl URL shortener, which will abbreviate any web address. The problem with shortening URLs is that you then […]

July 18, 2011

Google shaping people’s memories

by Jan Harris

A joint study by the universities of Columbia, Harvard and Wisconsin suggests that a form of symbiosis is development between people and their computers, which is influencing the information that people remember. The study, which was published in Science magazine, claims that people are relying on search engines such as Google instead of retaining information […]

July 11, 2011

Google says sorry for the spam

by Jan Harris

New social network Google+ has been sending out spam invitations to the service after its notification system ran out of disk space. This caused the system to continue to try to send the emails, over and over again, for around 80 minutes. Demand for the service, which is still being tested by invited users, has […]

July 8, 2011

Businesses told to wait for Google+

by Jan Harris

Google’s newly launched social network, Google+, which claims to provide ‘real-life sharing, rethought for the web’ is not for business users – well, not just yet anyway. Since the service was launched to invited users on 28 June it has been a stop start ride, with Google ‘throttling back’ the service the following day due […]

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