September 30, 2011

Microsoft Office Web Apps updated

by Darren Allan

Microsoft has introduced some tweaks to its suite of Office Web Apps. As you’re probably aware, Office Web Apps (OWA) are the cut-down online versions of Microsoft’s office suite, the company’s response to Google Docs. The Web Apps are hooked up to SkyDrive for cloud storage. Microsoft has just announced its latest changes on the […]

September 9, 2011

Sharing online could affect your future, Microsoft say

by Kerry Butters

A new study by Microsoft has shown that many teens in the US don’t consider the importance of what they are sharing online before they go ahead and post. Parents also don’t really think about the “potential consequences” of the personal information both themselves and their children make available on the net. However, the study […]

Microsoft suffers outage

by Kerry Butters

Many of Microsoft’s online services went offline last night as the company suffered a major outage that left users from across the world unable to access services. The problem appears to have been caused by DNS issues which left MS struggling for hours to provide a fix for angry users. Hotmail, Skydrive and Office 365 […]

July 19, 2011

Google launches URL shortener for its own products

by Jan Harris

Google has launched the URL shortener, which will link only to its own products and services, giving users the security of knowing that they won’t be directed to any potentially harmful sites. Google already offers the URL shortener, which will abbreviate any web address. The problem with shortening URLs is that you then […]

July 18, 2011

Microsoft improves Hotmail security

by Jan Harris

The first sign that an email account has been hacked is often when people start to receive spam from a friend’s account. Hotmail users who notice this problem can now immediately report it via new “My friend was hacked!” feature, available on the ‘Mark As’ menu. Dick Craddock, group program manager at Hotmail, acknowledged on […]

July 12, 2011

Microsoft and Yell partner in the cloud

by Jan Harris

Microsoft has entered into a strategic alliance with Reading-based phone directories company Yell Group, to offer online marketing services to SMEs in Europe and America. The partnership will see search, mobile and local advertising services delivered through the cloud. Yell will also offer Microsoft’s productivity and business software and cloud services for SMEs. The services […]

July 6, 2011

Rustock purged from half of zombie machines

by Jan Harris

Rustock malware has now been removed from more than half of the 1.6 million machines hijacked by the botnet at its peak. Richard Boscovich, a senior attorney with Microsoft’s Digital Crime Unit, reported in a blog post that the number of Windows PCs infected with Rustock malware was just over 700,000 as of June 18. […]

July 5, 2011

Microsoft in search partnership with Baidu

by Jan Harris

Microsoft has entered into a partnership with Baidu, China’s biggest Internet company, with more than 75 per cent of the search market. The deal will see Baidu direct English-language search queries to Bing, Microsoft’s search engine. It will be a major boost to Microsoft’s presence in China’s Internet market, which is the biggest in the […]

June 17, 2011

Microsoft winning Autorun battle

by Jan Harris

Microsoft claims it is winning the battle against ‘Autorun’ malware such as the Conficker worm, with infection rates falling substantially this year. The Autorun feature starts a program automatically when a CD, DVD or USB stick is inserted into a Windows PC. Microsoft detected 59 per cent less Autorun-related malware infections on XP machines between […]

May 20, 2011

Google expands Social Search

by Jan Harris

Google has announced the roll-out of its Social Search feature which is currently only available in the US. Social search is going global and will be available in 19 languages, although which ones hasn’t yet been announced. Social Search is Google’s answer to Microsoft’s deal with Facebook to bring social search features to its Bing […]

May 17, 2011

Microsoft identifies Alureon variant

by Jan Harris

Alureon, a trojan and bootkit which was particularly prevalent this time last year, has reared its head again, with a new version being identified by researchers from Microsoft. The latest incarnation of the malware is designed to avoid detection by anti-virus software. However the evasion algorithm it uses includes unusual encryption and decryption routines which […]

May 9, 2011

Microsoft linked with Skype talks

by Jan Harris

Microsoft is the latest company to be linked with a possible tie-up with Skype, according to Om Malik of GigOm. Last week it emerged that Google was mulling a joint venture with the VoIP provider, while Facebook is believed to be considering a takeover bid. Skype’s voice, video and sharing capabilities would give Microsoft a […]

April 15, 2011

Microsoft’s Street Side cars come to London

by Jan Harris

Microsoft is launching a new service which it says on its website: “provides a true-to-life view you can explore to get a feel for a place and plan your activities.” Sounds familiar? Microsoft is sending out its Street Side cars in London, closely following the tracks of Google’s Street View vehicles, but hopefully avoiding the […]

March 25, 2011

Small team responsible for Rustock

by Jan Harris

Following Microsoft’s successful operation to shutdown Rustock, the hard drives used in the spam network are being analysed for clues which could help identify the criminals behind the notorious botnet. Microsoft managed to cut the links between the compromised computers in the botnet and the servers that controlled them by carrying out simultaneous raids on […]

March 10, 2011

IE9 set to launch on 14 March

by Jan Harris

Microsoft has announced the launch of Internet Explorer 9 on 14 March, in line with the company’s promise that it would be available in the first quarter. The latest version of the web browser will be launched at the South by Southwest Interactive Festival in Austin, Texas, and will be available to download from 9pm […]

January 5, 2011

Hotmail e-mails go missing

by Jan Harris

A load-balancing glitch caused 17,355 Hotmail users to lose emails from their inboxes and other folders, last week. In a blog post, Windows Live vice president Chris Jones said: “Customers impacted temporarily lost the contents of their mailbox through the course of mailbox load balancing between servers.” Some users lost contact lists as well as […]

October 4, 2010

60% of PCs still run Windows XP

by Darren Allan

The latest PC operating system figures from Net Applications are in, and it seems that Windows XP still clearly holds the lion’s share of the market. Although its grip is loosening, and will slip further come October 22nd, as that’s the date when XP will cease to be an option for new PCs. They’ll have […]

October 3, 2010

Windows Live Essentials 2011 now out

by Darren Allan

Microsoft has released a new version of its Windows Live Essentials suite. Windows Live Essentials 2011 for Windows 7 (and Vista) is releasing in some 48 different languages worldwide. It has just been through the process of beta testing, and Microsoft says that it has squashed 95% of the bugs present in the software as […]

August 25, 2010

Yahoo! now powered by Bing in US

by Jan Harris

The results of a 10-year deal struck last year between Microsoft and Yahoo! are now started to take effect. Microsoft’s Bing search engine now powers Yahoo search results in the US and Canada, with other countries expected to follow soon. Bing is designed to organize search results so that the user can make quicker and […]

August 11, 2010

Microsoft issues record breaking security update

by Jan Harris

Microsoft August security update includes 14 bulletins for 34 vulnerabilities, making it the biggest single update ever issued by the company. While Microsoft has patched 34 vulnerabilities in a month several times before, the previous highest number of security bulletins in a month was 13. The update addresses critical vulnerabilities in a number of programmes […]

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