January 12, 2011

Social network malware could be biggest mobile security threat

by Darren Allan

Security firm BitDefender reckons that platform-independent malware which targets social networks is becoming as widely spread as the malware targeting PCs. And furthermore, payloads delivered via social networks could be the most pressing security threat when it comes to mobile devices. The outfit cites goo.gl statistics which show one of the URLs used to propagate […]

September 21, 2010

Google Docs gets new fonts, plus editing for mobile devices

by Darren Allan

Google is busy tinkering with its cloud based office package Docs, and today it announced that it’s bringing web font support to the online suite. Google wrote on its official blog page: “Documents without font choices are like photographs without colours. Just as shades of colour can add depth to a picture, smart font choices […]

July 21, 2010

Mobile app market will boom to 25 billion downloads in 2015

by Darren Allan

2015 appears to be a date which resonates with technology milestones. For example, it’s the new coalition government’s planned date for when the UK will sort out its broadband network to become the fastest in Europe. Allegedly, though we think that there’s more chance of our country having reduced its deficit to the smallest in […]

July 14, 2010

Windows Phone developer tools beta unleashed

by Darren Allan

The Windows Phone developer tools have been released in beta form. Microsoft says that this represents the near final version of the tools needed to build apps and games for the company’s upcoming operating system. This means work can begin in earnest on producing the content you’ll experience on your Windows Phone 7 powered mobile […]

June 18, 2010

Orange to roll out HD Voice this summer

by Darren Allan

Orange has announced that its new High Definition voice technology will be available to all its customers at some stage before the summer is out. HD Voice, much like a High Definition television picture, offers a much better quality than standard definition. A “crystal clear” sound quality, as Orange describes it. In a press release, […]

June 4, 2010

Nokia announces C1 and C2 phones

by Darren Allan

Nokia has taken the wraps off a pair of new mobiles, the C1 and C2. Both of these are interesting, as they feature dual-sim technology. They’re also really cheap budget models. Dual-sim means exactly what it says – you can have two sim cards in the phone. Very handy for schizophrenics… In all seriousness, it […]

April 22, 2010

Dell Thunder and Lightning phones leaked

by Darren Allan

The Internet has witnessed another leak today, with images of Dell’s new Thunder and Lightning (very, very, frightening) phones being spilled. And both the look and spec of these phones, the photos and details of which appeared on Engadget, have caused quite a storm. Let’s examine the Lightning first (as the Thunder always comes afterwards), […]

March 17, 2010

Mobile apps market set for massive growth

by Darren Allan

Recent research has indicated that the applications market for mobile phones is set to expand hugely within the next couple of years. The study, conducted by GetJar (which says it is the world’s second largest app store), revealed that in 2009 over 7 billion apps were downloaded across the globe. By 2012, this number will […]