October 5, 2011

UK economic growth at 0.1% in Q2

by Kay Mitchell

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has today announced the UK economy grew by 0.1% in the second quarter – slightly less than a previous estimate of 0.2%. Today’s reading is the third and final one for the April to June period and third quarter figures will be available later this month. In the meantime, […]

October 4, 2011

S&P maintains UK’s AAA credit rating

by Kay Mitchell

Credit ratings agency Standard & Poor’s (S&P) yesterday affirmed the UK’s AAA credit rating with a “stable” outlook. An AAA rating is the highest possible and the agency said in a statement: “In our view, the U.K. has a wealthy, open, and diversified economy, supported by a well-established political system and macroeconomic policy framework, which […]

September 21, 2011

Nationwide: UK consumer confidence sinks to 4-month low

by Kay Mitchell

The latest survey from the Nationwide Building Society has revealed a fall in UK consumer confidence for the month of August. The building society’s consumer confidence index lost 1 point to a level of 48 last month – the third consecutive monthly fall. The index still remains way below the average of 81. Commenting on […]

September 20, 2011

IMF issues warning for global economy

by Kay Mitchell

Washington-based International Monetary Fund (IMF) has today said the global economy has entered a “dangerous new phase” and slashed its growth forecast for the UK. In its World Economic Outlook bi-annual report, the Fund which is now headed by Christine Largarde, warned that the global economy is struggling amid the euro zone debt crisis and […]

September 14, 2011

UK unemployment up to 2.51 million

by Kay Mitchell

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has today revealed UK unemployment rose sharply in the three months to July – the biggest rise in almost two years. The ONS said unemployment rose by 80,000 in the three month period to 2.51 million – far higher than the 70,000 expected by economists. The latest figures take […]

September 13, 2011

BT announce latest upgrade locations

by Kerry Butters

BT Openreach have announced the latest locations set to benefit from access to fibre-optic broadband. More than 114 exchanges are expected to be upgraded to allow super-fast broadband availability to suppliers and consumers alike. The plans will enhance internet speeds for more than one million homes and businesses and are due to be completed by […]

November 11, 2010

BT now has over 2 million wi-fi hotspots across the UK

by Darren Allan

BT has announced that it now has over 2 million hotspots offering wi-fi access across the country. The announcement comes this week along with the six month trial of an underground hotspot at Charing Cross Tube station, which allows commuters in the ticket hall, Northern and Bakerloo line platforms to surf while they wait. BT’s […]

November 5, 2010

Popularity of .uk domains soars

by Jan Harris

Despite the difficult financial climate in the UK, there have been a record number of .uk domain registrations this year. According to the latest report from Nominet .uk domain registrations have overtaken China’s .cn . Nominet also reports that 80 percent of British consumers said they would rather visit a .uk address than a .com […]

September 7, 2010

UK councils save £230m with smartphone apps

by Darren Allan

Here’s an interesting one – councils around the UK have actually managed to save money, and quite a lot of it, via the medium of the smartphone. According to the Local Government Association, the clever use of the latest mobile technology in the everyday running of council operations saved a hefty £230 million in 2009. […]

August 6, 2010

UK average broadband speed tops 5Mbps

by Darren Allan

Broadband speed analysts at Broadband.co.uk have announced that the UK has crested the 5Mbps average speed mark. According to the firm, the average British broadband connection runs at 5.106Mbps, based on an average of thousands of broadband speed tests taken via the site during the month of July. That figure is up considerably from a […]

July 20, 2010

Chancellor Osborne unveils simpler tax system

by Kay Mitchell

As expected, Chancellor George Osborne has today revealed plans to simplify the UK tax system, in a bid to encourage investment and stimulate economic growth. The Chancellor said the “spaghetti bowl” of UK tax law will be simplified and said: “The previous government took a complex tax system and made it even worse. A decade […]

July 2, 2010

Malware aimed at UK banking customers

by Darren Allan

A new threat has emerged in the form of two botnets which are threatening online banking users in the UK. The malware is specifically targeted at UK banks and customers so as not to raise its profile on a global scale. In this way, it’s more likely to remain undetected as a major threat by […]

May 5, 2010

UK broadband speed hits new high

by Darren Allan

This month’s figures are out for the average broadband speed in the UK, as determined by broadband.co.uk. The website uses hundreds of thousands of speedtests run by visitors to the page to calculate the figures. And April weighed in with a new record of 4.98Mbps. That’s well up from March’s figure, which showed a slight […]

March 10, 2010

Apple iPad UK release slips

by Darren Allan

It seems Apple’s mighty tablet won’t be hitting British shores quite as soon as we first thought. In fact, the “magical and revolutionary” device (in the words of Steve Jobs) won’t be out here until late April. Previously it was thought the wi-fi version would come out before then, in late March or early April. […]

November 13, 2008

Pound continues to fall

by Brian Turner

According to the BBC, the value of the pound continues to fall against the dollar. Which is good news for those earning in USD, but not so good when outsourcing in USD: Pound’s fall continues to $1.48 The pound has continued to fall against the dollar, hitting its lowest rate in six years against the […]

November 1, 2008

Google’s Halloween Update

by Brian Turner

Yesterday a number of webmasters and business owners got an especially bad Halloween fright from Google – their homepages tanked in the search results. However, this morning the changes were rolled back, and the sites in question are back in position – for now. Discussions began on Webmasterworld, and suggestions have been variously made that […]

April 2, 2008

Google.com still blocked from the UK

by Brian Turner

Google.com still remains inaccessible to ordinary UK internet users, making it almost a week since the issue was first spotted. UK internet users are still unable to access Google.com, because of the way the internet giant geotargets and redirects users. Google already applies geotargeting to automatically force direct requests for Google.com from UK IP’s to […]

March 28, 2008

Nationwide says property will keep falling

by Brian Turner

The Nationwide reports property prices are still falling – and that it now expects this trend to continue to the end of the year. A more pessimistic opinion than it previously held. The Nationwide Building society has reported that property prices across the UK fell by 0.6% in March. It makes this the fifth month […]

Recession risk warning for business

by Brian Turner

Investment bank Lehman Brothers has warned that they see a 1 in 3 chance of the UK going into recession over the next 2 years. A report by Lehman Brothers, one of the world’s largest investment banks, has concluded that the UK faces a significant chance of entering recession within the next two years. According […]