September 26, 2011

Survey points to online inadequacies in customer service

by Darren Allan

A new piece of research commissioned by Artificial Solutions has determined that the websites of many businesses fail in the customer service department. The survey notes that slow response times when it comes to email queries, and overly complicated call management systems when it comes to the phone, are putting off many consumers – leading […]

July 22, 2010

No need for SMB websites to be works of art

by Darren Allan

There is no need for your small business website to be a finely honed work of art, says the Chairman of Daryl Willcox Publishing, a company which specialises in marketing advice. Not that it will do you any harm, but there’s no point in spending unnecessary amounts of cash on an all-singing-and-dancing site if you […]

July 12, 2010

Government spending challenge website: What would you cut?

by Darren Allan

The UK government has launched a website, and a Facebook page, dubbed the “spending challenge”. And it’s nothing like the previous Labour government’s spending challenge, which appeared to be to slosh as much money up against the wall as possible without a single thought for the future. The coalition’s spending challenge is basically the chance […]

May 14, 2010

Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes at Wikipedia

by Darren Allan

If you go down to Wikipedia today, you’re sure of a big surprise. No, not the fact that someone has edited Chris Evans’ entry to cast aspersions on his brand new £12 million Ferrari. (Hate to think what the insurance on that is). The self-policing font of all Internet knowledge has actually been given a […]

April 22, 2010

ISP joins with BBFC to give websites content ratings

by Darren Allan

When video games became more graphically realistic and gory, they were given age ratings like films to ensure youngsters weren’t subjected to adult content. Or that was the theory, anyway; not that many parents treated the ratings on games as seriously as they did with movies. Now age classification ratings are moving on to the […]

April 21, 2010

Facebook switches Lite off

by Darren Allan

Facebook Lite was the cut-down version of the social networking site which was streamlined to load quickly on poor Internet connections. Lite offered a service which allowed users to write on walls, share photos, view profiles and all the basic stuff, but without any of the fancy bits such as the gazillion applications, quizzes and […]

April 1, 2010

Labour party website not up to scratch

by Darren Allan

Marketing management firm Alterian has got together with SiteMorse and tested the UK’s main political parties’ websites over the first quarter of 2010. The tests encompassed areas such as functionality, accessibility, performance, email links and so forth, with a view to ensuring “best practice online.” Given that the Internet has become such a big issue […]

March 30, 2010

Alterian WebJourney provides new perspective on site analysis

by Darren Allan

Marketing management firm Alterian has announced a new breed of web analytics, which focuses not just on the website, but the individual browser’s reaction to it. WebJourney is constructed not only to count the number of visits to each page on the site, but also to analyse what the user did on those pages. The […]

March 10, 2010

Free website for your business

by Darren Allan

Business owners who haven’t yet taken the step of setting up a website might be interested to learn about a new scheme which has been set up by Google, BT, Enterprise UK and a number of other partners. Getting British Business Online, or GBBO, is a government backed initiative which aims to do exactly what […]

March 31, 2008

BBC redesigns: world news now a bland blog

by Brian Turner

The BBC continues to redesign and develop it’s website, with the BBC News section of the site now being rolled out to a new design. Curiously, it makes BBC News look less like a world beating news source, as much as a common news blog. While the previous design was rich in graphics and multimedia […]